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Trading in the stock market requires a reliable strategy to ensure losses do not exceed the wins. Without relying on day trading indicators to watch, you will continuously pick the wrong stocks and miss the profit you wish to make. Ideally, day trading indicators are useful in predicting the price movement of certain stocks during a specific period

Even though it looked like the Market's Tuesday performance was moving in the upward direction, it seems that charts continue to be in the red and the US Stock Markets Continue To Crash.The price of crude oil continues to decline, trading at below $30 a barrel and bringing other stocks down with its decline.

The markets were shut on Monday owing to the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.However, looking at the dismal performance of last week, there was little hope on the performance as the bell rang on Tuesday morning.

Friday saw some dismal performance for the Financial Markets in the United States. The repercussions of this could be felt all across the board in different sectors.On Friday, the price for Crude Oil fell to below $30 a barrel, assuming that Iran will continue with exports once the international sanctions are lifted.

Everyone hopes that with the New Year there will be some great beginnings. However, this week it didn't happen with the Stock Markets.Last year ended with a slow flow and investors were hoping that things will pick up soon. We are apparently seeing the most dismal week in 4 years.

2015 was the year of the FANG - Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google (though Google is now Alphabet, for now let's keep it simple). On an average in a day, we can be sure that these tabs are opened on your computer on a daily basis (for us, they are all opened at the same time. Multi-tasking, we call it).

You open the financial papers, watch CNBC or cross Wall Street, and you are bound to hear these words being spoken all over, like some secret financial language being echoed in code. Don't worry, as long as it isn't rocket science, we got you covered.

The year has nearly come to an ending (yes, there are still a couple more days for 2016 to officially make an entrance, but let's be honest, we are going to be drunk for most of it!) and what better way to say goodbye to this financial quarter, than by predicting what happens next.

Brokers across the stock spectrum heaved a huge sigh of relief for the market performance, this past week ending December 25th. The NASDAQ closed early for the long holiday weekend, but it seems that Santa brought some good cheer to Wall Street.

Even the Wolf of Wall Street was a novice in the financial world before taking it by storm. They say a journey begins with a single step, and if this is your first one, looks like you are already headed in the right direction! You may not become the next Warren Buffet,