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The US Stock market indexes closed lower for the third day in a row after today’s trading hours. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 0, 43%, the S&P 500 followed with a 0, 77% and the Nasdaq Composite took the hardest beating of the day, finishing with -1, 48%.

Tuesday December 8. Plunging oil prices has left U.S. stocks firmly in negative territory. Shares of miners and energy companies were pushed down by a progressive slide in oil prices and fears of an economic slowdown based on China’s weak data.

The 7th of December was the first trading day after the excellent job report posted by the FED on Friday. Due to these excellent numbers and the unemployment rate sitting steady around 5%, it became almost certain that the FED will hike rates this month.

The trading day of December 3rd did not bring good news for US Stocks. The highlight of the day was the testimony of Janet Yellen, once again hinting that a rate hike is more than likely to happen in mid-December. This interest rate hike equals bad news for US stocks

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