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Friday saw some dismal performance for the Financial Markets in the United States. The repercussions of this could be felt all across the board in different sectors…

On Friday, the price for Crude Oil fell to below $30 a barrel, assuming that Iran will continue with exports once the international sanctions are lifted.

China’s market faced the brawl of the bear, ending sharply in the red for the world’s second largest economy.

This week, there is still hope. Investors are looking for some good news from the markets of the Red Dragon nation.

Today, the US Stock Markets are closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. has given a precise update from last week on the Forex Market: “The currency pair traded in a broad range between 1.0855 and 1.0984 before settling at 1.0916, up 0.0051 or 0.47% on the session. The euro ended the week virtually flat against the dollar, down 0.15%. After tumbling approximately 10% against the dollar in 2015, the euro is up approximately 0.5% against its American counterpart over the first two weeks of the New Year.”


The smallest loser came from the Commodities section – Gold may have closed in the red, but it was down by only 0.65%

At the closing bell on Friday, the markets looked like:

Dow Jones lost 2.39% to hit a new 3-months low; while

S & P Index lost 2.16%


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