Amazon denies accepting Bitcoin as future payments

Bitcoin is a popular crypto currency that was created in 2009 and is now a popular virtual currency. A number of companies in recent times have talked about supporting the digital currency. Some of the recent speculations claimed that Amazon would soon support Bitcoin payments. But the company refuted the rumours and said that it does not have any plans for BTC. Despite declining the rumours, the e-commerce giant assured that it would soon support the Bitcoin payments. A spokesperson from Amazon said that it continues to have interest in the crypto space.

The spokesperson continued that Amazon continues to have an interest in the crypto industry but it does not have any plans to implement it just yet. At the same time, the spokesperson did not deny the fact that the e-commerce giant is researching on crypto payments. The company is exploring visions as to what it would look for the customers shopping on Amazon. The speculations started when Amazpn had posted a job opening for digital currency and blockchain product lead on July 22, 2021.

This led to the speculations that Amazon was preparing to support Bitcoin payments and would be launching a native token. Wu Blockchain, the Chinese crypto media outlet also believed in the plans of Amazon that spiked the market action. This was when Bitcoin gained 15 percent in less than three hours. The rumours from Amazon certainly worked in favour of the digital currency despite its denial for support for the time being.

The earlier reports had added that Bitcoin would mark Amazon’s first step towards its crypto ambitions. Apart from Bitcoin, there could also be chances that the company would explore to create its own cryptocurrency. This was not the first time Amazon posted a job related to crypto currency. Even in the month of February it recruited a technical lead that developed a fresh digital and emergency payments platform.

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