5 Tips for beginners before investing in stocks

The golden rule says that small investments that are made consistently over a long period helps to yield greater interests with time. The stock market is a great way to grow your wealth but the process is not as simple as hitting the buy button and picking up a random stock. But the process has surely become a simpler process as you don’t have to have a huge sum for investment and you don’t have to pay hefty fees to the brokers who might not always have the best suggestions for you. Here we will be discussing about things to keep in mind before you step in to the world of stocks.

1. Trust your gut and don’t be carried away by emotions – The world of stocks needs to have you at the best of your temperament. You need to take your investment decisions by your gut and not with your brain. Make sure you know your basics, study about companies and trust your instincts.

2. Pick up the performers – Make sure that you invest in the company that is known for consistently delivering results. Remember that stocks that go up and down rapidly when the market position changes, are not rewarding and are considered as volatile. Enter the stocks that guarantee to perform even under the challenging circumstances.

3. Be smart – Make sure that you make investments with intelligence as they hardly go wrong. They can only go wrong under extreme circumstances like the COVID-19 pandemic.

4. Make a wise buy decision – Make the buy decision purely on your vested interest. Note down what attracts you to a particular company and make your decision on the basis of the things like appositive consumer sentiment, good dividend yield and more.

5. Make a wise sell decision – Decision to sell a stock should not be based on the rise and fall but on the basis of a fundamental change in business for instance losing a large number of customers or a change in leadership.

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