The Current Trend Of Crude Oil In The 2016 First Quarter United States Stock Market

The 2016 first quarter stock market prospects have been a favorable time for investors dealing with crude oil in the United States stock market. By last week, oil recorded a total sale of 9.9 million barrels in the U.S. stock market, a number that was much higher as compared to the previous year fourth quarter.

Stock market analysts had predicted a sale of 3.6 million barrels to be made by now. The United States crude oil stocks made a record last week after selling a barrel at $37.25. However, fluctuations have been evidenced in the markets as the Global benchmark crude encountered a decrement of 27 cents on the market.

A crude oil barrel has been ranging at $36.54 to $37.25. Since the opening of the 2016 United States stock market, $37.25 has acted as the highest price a crude oil barrel has ever cost in the market prospects. The American Petroleum Institute has been recording more top entries as compared to the United States Crude.

On January 2016, the global Brent recorded a low price of $27.10 points per barrel. For the last one month, the Brent has registered a percentage increase of 35%, marking a new record in the inventory. According to stock market strategists, the price of Brent is not expected to drop lower than the current state.

From the mid-2014 fiscal year, crude has encountered a loss of more than $100. The key factor leading to these results is the excessive supply of crude in the United States stock market. Another primary factor that has contributed to the fluctuation in crude prices in the stock exchange is the fact that OPEC has been failing to administer the policy of boosting prices of crude by cutting down their production.

The leading producers of crude entered into a commercial agreement of cutting down the production of crude in an attempt of boosting high the price of crude. The price of crude is expected to hit higher points by the end of the 2016 United States stock market.

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