The 2016 First Quarter Stock Market Analysis According To Dow Jones Industrial Company

The performance of foreign stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial has continued to be stable as stocks are still improving. On an average basis, the highest stock in the financial market has managed to register 16,511.84 points whereas the lowest recorded entry of 16,390.43 points. As compared to the 2015 fourth quarter of the stock market prospects, stocks have been indicating signs of improvements as the price of shares have been increasing and total sales regarding points noted.

Performance of stocks in the 2016 stock market first quarter according to Dow Jones Industrial Company

Investors have recorded huge profits in the 2016 first quarter. According to Dow Jones Industrial, most companies have shown a significant trend after making numerous sales as compared to the other quarters.

American Express Company is one of the firms that have recorded huge profits in the stock market prospects. In the last quarter, the company closed selling a share at 53.61 points. In 2016 first quarter of the United States stock market, the company has been selling a share at 54.15 points, marking an increment of 0.54 points.

Apple Company has also recorded huge gains in the capital market. This company has been selling a share at 96.26, making a price increase of 0.169 points as the last market closed at 96.091.

NVIDIA Incorporation is another company that has been performing well in the stock market. The company has been selling a share at 30.04, making a percentage increment of 8.60% as compared to the 2015 fourth quarter.

Brazil Ibovespa Company has managed to make huge profits in the financial market by making a total sale of 41,477.63 points. The amount has accounted a percentage increment of 0.37%. Japan Nikkei incorporation has also recorded 2.28% increase as compared to the 2015 fourth quarter. Japan Nikki 225 has managed to register a total sale of 16,196.80 points in less than two months.

German DAX Company has managed to record a percentage increment of 0.92%. Since the 2016 stock markets first quarter started, the company has successfully recorded total sales of 9,463.64 points.

United States S&P 500 Company has also been registering huge profits since the 2016 stock market first quarter started. When the year started, the company was struggling to adapt to the financial market. After the first two weeks of January, the company coped with the market situation. Up to date, S&P 500 Company has managed a percentage increment of 0.47% with a total sale of 1,917.83 points.

The trend of commodities and stocks in the stock market is a good indicator that 2016 will be the year of making huge gains in the financial market.

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