Stock Update For Christmas Week-End ’15

Brokers across the stock spectrum heaved a huge sigh of relief for the market performance, this past week ending December 25th. The NASDAQ closed early for the long holiday weekend, but it seems that Santa brought some good cheer to Wall Street.

Before we can tell you anything ourselves, just take a wild guess and let us know which stocks you think did the best – and yes, you got it right – RETAIL equities performed the best, what with all the last-minute shopping and Boxing Day sales!

Even though many sectors did not make a killing at their respective indexes, majority of them ended in the green. It seems that among S&P 500 listed sectors, health care seemed to do the least well, though the energy sector pulled rankings up a bit.

The probable reason for the markets performing so borderline was that the NASDAQ was closed at 1pm, with a meagre volume of trading.

So as of Christmas week closing, it stood at 5, 048.49 points, that is, up 2.56 points or 0.05%.

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