Oil Prices Hike As Other Stocks Encounter Declines In The Global Market

Stocks and commodities have continued to register declines in the global stock market from the 2015 fourth quarter stock market prospects. Many stocks have continued to record percentage decrement and loss of payouts in the world market. The same indicators that were evidenced in the economic recession that affected many companies and stocks in the market are still evidenced in the 2016 first quarter.

However, potential investors dealing with crude oil are still having a reason to smile. Crude oil has registered a percentage increment for the last four months in the global market. Since the 2015 fourth quarter, crude oil has not encountered any loss or slight declines regarding points or payouts.

The trend of stocks in the global market

For the last four years, the 2016 first quarter stock market has been working well for investors dealing with precious metals. Since the opening of the 2016 fiscal year, gold has managed a percentage increment of 10% as compared to the sales made in last year.

As from last week, the United States stocks have encountered declines in the market. Dow Jones Industrial Average has faced a decline of 0.74%, marking a decrement of 123.47 points. By the end of January, DJIA managed to close at 16,516.5 points.

The United States S&P 500 Company has also recorded percentage decrement of 0.81%. As compared to last week, the company encountered a loss of points from 1,948.05 to 1,932.23 points, marking a percentage decline of 15.82 points.

NASDAQ Incorporation has also suffered a slight decline in total sales as compared to last week market closing. This company has encountered a percentage decrement of 0.71%. Last week, the global markets closed at 4,590.47 points. NASDAQ Company is currently at 4,557.95 points, having faced a decline of 32.52 points.

Since November last year, MSCI global stocks have recorded a percentage decrement of 9.6%. The price of oil has risen as a result of the Chinese stakeholders attempting to boost the current slow economy. According to market analysts, many companies are expecting to stabilize their sales in the market.

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