A Mid-Week Analysis Of The 2016 United States Stock Market Prospects

The series of events evidenced in the United States stock market is not the same being evidenced today. Most of the investors who shifted their attitudes from skepticism nature to that of worry and optimism kind are currently enjoying enormous profits. Potential investors who bought safe commodities in the financial markets are enjoying their efforts by getting huge returns.

Most of the commodities and stocks are currently performing in the market. Dow international industry registered a sale of 16,453.83 points by the end of the 2nd week of February. In the first quarter of the 2016 United States stock markets, Dow Jones Company has managed to make a percentage increment of 1.59%. The percentage increase accounts for an improvement of 257.42 points, as compared to the 2015 fourth quarter United States stock market prospects.

NASDAQ Incorporation has also managed to register 2.21% percentage increment. As compared to last week, NASDAQ Company has recorded an increase of 98.11 points. The total sales made by this company amounts up to 4,534.07 points by the end of the previous week.

S&P Company is also among the top best firms that have registered profits in the United States stock market. This company has encountered a percentage increment of 1.65% of their total sales. S&P 500 Incorporation has also registered an increase of sales amounting to 31.24 points. The number of points recorded by this company has amounted to 1,926.82 points.

Other enterprises that have been showing improvement trends in the financial market include the Southwestern Energy Limited and the Garmin Ltd., which has managed to encounter a percentage change of 11% and 16.55% respectively. The Devon Energy Corporation, however, recorded a slight drop of the percentage change at 4.37%, where the price fell by 0.93 points.

In the commodities sector, investors dealing with light crude have registered huge returns as the price of crude has increased by 1.50% making the price shift at 31.12 points. The price of natural gas also encountered an increment amounting to 0.41%.

The Japanese Yen traded also encountered 0.10085% slight drop as compared to the U.S dollar. One U.S dollar is currently selling at 1.4292 United Kingdom Pound. Trend registered by commodities in the United States stock market is still improving as compared to the fourth quarter of last year fiscal year.

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