Dow Jones Moves Into The Green In Q4

After a tense end-2o15, it seems like the Dow Jones is finally picking up in the last financial quarter of the year. 2016 began shaky as well, however, it has finally begun to move into the green, playing around a bit in the lull it had created earlier.

The biggest stocks to make a comeback was in the commodity section, with material stocks and precious metals doing the best in the forefront. Other stocks included small caps.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average added 0.3% to close in on the 17,000 level, the S&P 500 gained 0.4%, the Nasdaq Composite posted a 0.1% gain.

In the FOREX market, the dollar was weak, with a shaky Asian market and issues with global economies falling short of expectations. Another reason could have been the Presidential Elections plaguing the United States, along with Global Summits on Economics doing the rounds this season.

Other top commodities did well, with gold gaining 1.7% and oil closing at nearly $35 up the barrel. These two industries have not been as affected by the global dunce, and were maintaining their steady rise carried forward from the previous year.

When it came to healthcare stocks, they’re weren’t doing so well and were pulling the Dow Jones closer to the red. It seems that with fluctuating healthcare policies promised by nominees for the position of the Presidency, were the cause of confusion in the last financial quarter.

Our favorite stock, Apple, was seen to be drifting into the red pool, when it starting performing better since January, 2016. The Dow Jones favorite finally began performing like investors would like it to, due to surging expectations of future releases in the iPhone and iPad categories. Earlier in the year an ad was “leaked”, declaring the unmatched features the new iPhone will have, including an expandable touch screen.

Another reason for markets getting into the green, is because employment prospects seem to be looking good in this last quarter, with surges of good news in the employment department.

The financial quarter is ending, and so is the financial year, so it’s left to be seen what ends up happening.

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